28 January 2011 0 Comments
Amazon SES

So after looking through a ton of 3rd party services to handle our transactional emails, I pretty much narrowed our options to SendGrid and Postmark.. with Postmark being slightly favored due to some great feedback from some friends / tech entrepreneurs.

But, as you may have already heard, Amazon recently released their own service, dubbed Simple Email Service (SES). The short of it is:

  • No monthly commitment required (unlike SendGrid)
  • No minimum spend required
  • Super cheap (10 cents per 1k!!)
  • No-frills (no analytics, probably not-as-good support, etc)

Of course, there’s more to a service than price, and services like SendGrid and Postmark will have to prove that they provide more value to make up for the higher costs. But, with SES being 1/10th of the cost, that’s hard to argue against.

We’ll definitely start with using SES and see how it handles deliverability, etc.

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